experience reflection

The challenge is not to create polished, finished solutions but to provoke people to think differently.  

The consumer society is triggering the destruction of our planet. The amount of waste generated by the humans is being the main cause of this destruction. People are not aware about how they affect the world pollution with their actions. As an agent for change we have to find the best way to change the behaviors of the people in order to get a healthy world where eco-conscious dominates.

Jeremy and Caroline are the owner couple of the Eco Camping Wales. The campsite is situated in the heart of the stunning Geo Park in the west of the Brecon Beacons National Park (Wales). The foundation of their camping resides on the ecology and the sustainable actions, carrying through a kind of specific life based on the natural human habits avoiding any type of technology.

From a primary and secondary research, we used the design-thinking method to achieve a wide range of ideas in order to start thinking in different potential changes and solutions in a creative and ambitious way.

On that basis, we create ECOmmunity. The main goal of our project is to restructure the campsite providing them a common area where campers could learn and develop eco-friendly behaviors and also promote a community-like environment while doing daily activities. It is addressed to nomad people (walkers and hikers…), groups (schools, families, societies…) and also to non-campers.

During the whole design process the clients gave us feedback in order to improve as much as possible our proposals. The development process was very useful to discover and practice different design methods, such as using paper prototyping and drawings to explain the main idea in one minute. Real size reproduction was also helpful to understand how the idea could work and discover its viability, durability and desirability.

Five values to define our project:


After weeks of working deeply in Ecommunity project, the ultimate idea was finally presented in front of our clients. They were very interested in our purpose because they find it viable and desirable. The use of recycled pallets as a main material was an interesting solution for them. They hadn’t thought about this option before, and it is actually a cheap and easy way to restructure the campsite. They really agreed in the fact that the communal area could work and they supported our idea. On the other side, they found the idea too much rigid and inelastic to be developed in the real context. So they aimed to develop different areas as we thought but separately in an organic disposition, taking advantage of the land shape. We also benefited them the possibility to get logo templates. Using this method they could reproduce the signage and develop little objects as merchandising, that makes campers remind of their experiences in the campsite after leaving it. We were very proud of our result and of the clients’ feedback.