I have chosen the vacuum process to create my final prototypes. I want to show the containers as empty bodies, in order to visually understand how they will work (even if they are scaled 1:6). I thought this process would be the best way to achieve the organic skins, incorporate the inner hole and also simulate the round details produced by the real process, which will be rotational moulding.

Before using the vacuum machine, I had to develop each half container by the CNC machine. Secondly, leaving the model stuck on the wood basis support, used in the CNC, I cut the perimeter in order to leave a distance for an allowable error. After  that, I did several holes, that crossed the whole model and the wood basis, with a drill to let the compressed air escape when using the vacuum.

After doing the vacuum process ( shown on the following pictures), I had to remove the CNC models from the hard plastic sheet. To make this work easier, first of all I cut the spare plastic of the hole to avoid the compression into the plastic model. Then, by using two screws for each model I could fix them on a vice to remove them from the sheet.